Stove changeout program

Stove changeout program

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Get In On The Change
June 8th - August 31, 2015

Starting June 8th and running through August 31, 2015, Jøtul is partnering with it's North American dealers  to implement the third annual Woodstove Changeout Program.  With the goal of improving air quality by removing dirty burning non-EPA certified wood-burning appliances from use, and reducing the burning of open fireplaces, Jøtul North America is pleased to offer you the opportunity to save up to $300 off the purchase of a Jøtul wood or gas stove, or fireplace insert.  For detailed information on how you can "Get In On The Change", please contact one of our participating dealers.  To find a participating dealer please click here ** For Canadian dealers please click here

As part of our National Woodstove Changeout Program we are encouraging our dealers to act as a drop off location for your old non-EPA stove.  However in some cases a dealer may not have adequate space for your old stove and may request your drop it off directly at your local recycling center.  To find a local recycling center please click here.

Please contact your local participant Jøtul dealer before dropping your old non-EPA wood or gas stove off at a recycling center.

Inspired by federally led changeout programs around the U.S., Jøtul NA is the first manufacturer to implement its own changeout program, encouraging wood stove owners to become more environmentally friendly. Over the last two years more than 2,500 stoves were exchanged during the program throughout North America.

Because EPA-certified wood stoves emit approximately 70 percent less pollution than older conventional stoves, owners who make the change from a non-EPA stove can directly affect local air quality. In addition to being environmentally friendly, EPA-certified stoves can be 50 percent more efficient and burn up to 1/3 less wood than older models.

A portion of the sale of each changed out stove will go to benefit Operation BBQ Relief