Jøtul F 375 High Top

Tall wood stove with heat retaining and glass door in the base

Jøtul F 375 High Top is part of the F 370 series which consists of 10 main variants. Each model can be individually customised. Jøtul F 375 HT free standing wood stove is a tall product where you can integrate hidden, heat accumulating stone. It has a unified and modern design and an elegant glass door placed in front of the base storage. The shelf in the base is standard, but can be removed if you so wish.

The modern wood burning stove retains heat from the fire during use when the heat accumulating stone is integrated. When the fire is out, this heat is gradually released back into the room over a period of time of up to 12 hours. If you need the space to heat up quickly, you can easily adjust this through an air vent on top of the wood stove.

  • Cast iron
  • Practical storage space in the base
  • Practical integrated ash removal solution and riddling grate
  • Up to 12 hours extra heating
  • Large side glasses providing a perfect view of the burning logs
  • Ability to be connected to direct external air
  • Jøtul F 375 High Top
Technical documentation

Technical spec

Approx weight:
260 kg
Log size:
30 cm
Flue Outlet:
Ø 150 mm
Flue exit options:
Top and Rear


Min output:
3,6 kW
Nom output:
5,5 kW
Max output:
7 kW


Ash solution:
Riddling grate:


  • BP - Black Paint


Measurements (HxWxD):
1526x442x452 mm


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Measurements and clearances
  • Combustible wall

  • Non-combustible wall