Questions and answers

How do I know if my firewood is properly seasoned?

All firewood should be split, stacked and covered for 8-12 months prior to use.  You can also purchase a moisture meter to check the moisture content of your firewood. Seasoned wood should have a moisture content of no more than 20% to burn properly. 

For more information on seasoning wood visit

Is it possible to get spare parts for old wood stoves?

Jøtul keeps spare parts in stock for 10 years after a product is discontinued.  Replacement parts for discontinued stoves more than 10 years old may be available at:

Where is the Jøtul dealer closest to me?

Click on Dealers . This is where all our dealers are listed.

Is it possible to buy wood stoves, fireplaces and spare parts directly from the factory?

No, all sales happen via the dealers. Jøtul does not sell directly from the factory.

Is it possible to make an old wood stove cleanburning?

No, this is not possible.

Can Jøtul gas products be converted to operate on either Natural Gas or Propane fuel types?

Yes.  All of our gas products come standard with a fuel conversion kit.  

Are any Jøtul products approved for use with compressed wood fuels?

Jøtul approves the burning of commonly available compressed wood logs in the Jøtul F 370 only. 

Such fuel needs to be made from 100% wood.  Jøtul does not approve the use of wood pellets or prefabricated logs that contain binding agents such as parafin wax.

Which Jøtul Product do I have?

All Jøtul products are labeled.  Newer model products have a plate located on the rear of the unit containing the name, serial number, and technical info. Older model units will have a product number on the door or on the burn plates. 

My wood stove is rusty – what do I do? (Does not apply to enamelled products)

Rust on cast iron is usually only on the surface. The painted surfaces are polished with steel wool or a brush with a steel bristle and re-painted with Jøtul's wood stove paint that can be acquired from the Jøtul dealer.

Where do I find the installation and user manuals?

These are available under Technical documentation section of each product page.