Hot innovation from Jøtul

Hot innovation from Jøtul

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The Kråkerøy manufacturer Jøtul has created a timeless and clean burning cast iron stove with panoramic view of the flames. Now they are nominated for the Honours Award for Design Excellence.

Jøtul will compete against Oslo University, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) and Epleslang for the prestigious design award. The award will be handed out on the Design Day, April 15th at the center for Norwegian Design and Architecture (DOGA).

- Jøtul is an outstanding example of a Norwegian company with long traditions, which is not afraid to go in new directions. Using superior design expertise Jøtul stay relevant in a Norwegian and international market where changes are happening fast, says trade minister Monica Mæland. 

The Honours Award for Design Excellence is Norway’s leading award given to both companies and designers for innovative design projects.


Challenged established truths fireplace

Jøtul is one of the world's oldest existing manufacturers of stoves and fireplaces. They wanted to break with established truths about how a wood stove should look. The result is a timeless cast iron stove adapted to the modern home. Demand has been so high that the Kråkerøy based manufacturer, at times have not managed to supply enough.

- In our line of business, most products are vertical with high, narrow glass and relatively small combustion chambers. We asked ourselves the question "How does a fireplace burn the best?”. Therefore, we would put function at the centre of innovation, says Marius Torjusen, Vice President Brands at Jøtul.

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