Press release March 14 2019

Press release March 14 2019

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Continued delayed listing of Jotul Holdings SA up to mNOK 400 senior secured bonds

On 21 February 2018, Jotul Holdings SA (formerly Jotul Holdings S.à r.l.) (“Jotul Holdings”) issued NOK 250 million senior secured bonds under its up to NOK 400 million terms and conditions, dated 19 February 2018 (the “Terms and Conditions”). On 31 January 2019, Jotul Holdings issued NOK 90 million subsequent bonds under the Terms and Conditions.

Pursuant to the Terms and Conditions, Jotul Holdings shall use its best efforts to ensure that the issued bonds are listed on a regulated market within 12 months from the first issue date, i.e. by 21 February 2019. On 19 February 2019, Jotul Holdings informed the market that such listing unfortunately had been somewhat delayed and estimated that the first day of trading of the bonds on a regulated market would occur prior to 14 March 2019.

Due to unexpected events connected to the listing process, the listing of the bonds on a regulated market has unfortunately been further delayed. The listing process is ongoing and Jotul Holdings is using its best efforts to complete the listing process as soon as possible. The first day of trading of the bonds on a regulated market is estimated to occur in the middle of April 2019.

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