The Interior designer's tips for fireplacs

The Interior designer's tips for fireplacs

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Wondering where to place the fireplace or what shape to choose?
Interior designer Nina Kristin Svean shares her tips.


Where should you place the fireplace?

A fireplace can be used as a room divider. If the fireplace has sidewindows, glass on both sides or rotating top it should be placed between the living and dining area. It will appear transparent and you can enjoy the fire from several rooms. And the heat will spread quickly through the rooms.

Modern living rooms want a better view to the fire - move the fireplace a little higher from the floor. In a dining room you are sitting higher than sitting in a sofa - and you may want to install the fireplace higher up on the wall so you can see the flames better.

In the living room you can install the fireplace further down the wall. Consider how to place the fireplace in relation to the windows. It may be nice looking out of the window and seeing the fireplace at the same time. This also makes it a little easier to decorate the living room. Since you don’t have two focus points to take into account.

If the living room is small, it is important to think about where you like to sit and where to focus the eyes.




What shape should I choose?

You can find fireplaces in many shapes and styles. If you are not what you want, I recommend talking to a professional who can find a fireplace that fits the size of your room. And consider carefully what style you like best. Do you like modern design, or maybe a fireplace with more decor? Keep in mind that the fireplace is a furniture that will last a long time.

It is also possible to put your own touch on the fireplace by designing the surround yourself. It's just your imagination stopping you. For example, you can use tiles, paint in different colors or dress it in metal. It is important to remember that the material you use is to withstand heat and to be flame retardant.