Jøtul FS 162 Advance

Timeless heat

  • Jøtul FS 162, 158 cm
  • Jøtul FS 162, 195 cm
Jøtul FS 162 Advance

Jøtul FS 162 is a round soapstone fireplace utilising a combustion chamber from the Jøtul 370 series. This award winning fireplace gives a great view of the fire through the large side windows. The fireplace can be built in two heights : 158 cm and 195 cm . Totally unique with this fireplace is a valve at the top of the surround. When the valve is open , this is stove gives mainly convection heat , but when the valve is closed it  will be able to store the heat over a longer period. Soapstone has been used for stoves since the 1700s . This stone has a good ability to retain heat.

  • Modern, elegant and standalone soapstone surround
  • Cast iron Fireplace insert
  • Jøtul FS 162 has a unique valve solution that provides flexibility in the choice of convection and heat storage
  • Clean burning
  • Soapstone is heat accumulating and gives constant heat over a long time
  • Jøtul FS 162 is suitable for both corner and straight wall installation
  • Jøtul FS 162, 158 cm
  • Jøtul FS 162, 195 cm
Technical documentation

Technical spec

Heating capacity:
100 m2
Approx weight:
434 kg
Log size:
33 cm
Flue exit options:
Top and Rear


Min output:
3,9 kW
Nom output:
6,0 kW
Max output:
9,0 kW


Ash solution:
Riddling grate:


  • BP - Black Paint


Measurements (HxWxD):
1580x600 mm


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Measurements and clearances
  • Combustible wall

  • Non-combustible wall

* By use of insulated / covered flue pipe completely towards the product