Jøtul F 165 S

Heat retaining and amazing view

  • Jøtul F 165 S BP
  • Hidden companion set

Jøtul F 165 S is part of the F 160 series which consists of six main variants, with or without side glasses and with different bases and features. Jøtul F 165 S cast iron log stove is one of the finest wood burners online and is characterised by the large side glasses, its heat retaining soapstone and the practical storage space in the base. While the wood stove is in use, the soapstone preserves heat which is slowly released into the room even after the fire is out.

The storage space underneath the wood stove is the perfect place to hide non combustible accessories and clutter that is otherwise just left lying around. You can also install a companion set that is custom-made for this model. The wood stove is designed for modern living and burns at an optimal level even at 3kW.

  • Cast iron
  • Special glass that keep the side glasses clean
  • Easy to use with only one air vent
  • Clutter-free with non combustible storage in the base
  • Heat retaining soapstone
  • Practical ash removal solution
  • Suitable for low effect heating
  • Jøtul F 165 S BP
  • Hidden companion set
Technical documentation

Technical spec

Heating capacity:
100 m2
Heating capacity:
225 m3
Approx weight:
225 kg
Log size:
33 cm
Flue Outlet:
Ø 150 mm
Flue exit options:
Top and Rear


Min output:
3,7 kW
Nom output:
5 kW


Ash solution:
Riddling grate:


  • BP - Black Paint


Measurements (HxWxD):
1090x517x489 mm


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Measurements and clearances
  • Combustible wall

  • Non-combustible wall