Jøtul F 263 S

Heat retaining soapstone wood stove with large side glasses

  • Jøtul F 263 S (BP)
  • Fireplace set

Jøtul F 263 S is part of the F260 series which consists of two types. These are all convection wood stoves that are well suited for installation against conbustible material. Convection is achieved through an extra outer wall which allows for circulation of air between the combustion chamber and the outer walls. In this way, the temperature on the outside of the stove is reduced.

Jøtul F263 S has large side glasses and panels of soapstone integrated in the design of the wood stove. The soapstone retains heat while the wood stove is in use and releases the heat slowly even after the fire is out. The combination of heat retaining and a small but efficient combustion chamber makes it very suitable for modern living with a reduced need for heating. At the same time, it is strong enough to heat your home during the coldest days of the winter. You will find a companion set behind the door on the base.

  • Cast iron
  • Practical ash removal solution
  • Special glass that stays clean on the sides
  • Ability to be connected to direct external air
  • Heat retaining soapstone
  • Companion set behind the base door
  • Easy to use with only one air vent
  • Jøtul F 263 S (BP)
  • Fireplace set

Heat retaining soapstone wood stove with large side glasses

Technical documentation

Technical spec

Heating capacity:
Maks 100 m2
Heating capacity:
Maks 225 m3
Approx weight:
220 kg
Log size:
33 cm
Flue Outlet:
Ø 150 mm
Flue exit options:
Top and Rear


Min output:
3,7 kW
Nom output:
5 kW


Ash solution:
Riddling grate:


  • BP - Black Paint


Measurements (HxWxD):
1140x520x490 mm


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Measurements and clearances
  • Combustible wall

  • Non-combustible wall