Frequently asked questions

Where is the Jøtul dealer closest to me?

Click on "Find your local dealer". This is where all our dealers are listed.

How long is the offered warranty on the wood stove/fireplace that I bought?

Jøtul AS offer a 10 year warranty on exterior cast iron parts regarding faults in the material and manufacturing errors after the first purchase/installation. The condition for the validity of the warranty is that the fireplace was installed according to applicable laws and regulations, as well as in accordance with Jøtuls manuals for installation and use.

You can get more information at your local Jøtul dealer and on our webpage regarding warranty.

Is it possible to make an old wood stove cleanburning?

No, this is not possible.

Is it possible to get spare parts for old wood stoves?

Jøtul keep spare parts in stock 10 yeras after a product is discontinued.

Which Jøtul fireplace do I have?

All old Jøtul products are labelled. The easiest way is to look for a product number on the door or on the burn plates.

How much does it cost to install a fireplace or wood stove?

In Norway, you can legally install a fireplace or wood stove yourself. You can also choose to outsorce the installation to a professional installer. Usually you will have to pay for two people for four or five hours, so ten working hours in total. This then includes preparation, transport etc.

Is it possible to buy wood stoves, fireplaces and spare parts directly from the factory?

No, all sales happen via the dealers. Jøtul does not sell directly from the factory.

Where do I find the installation and user manuals?

These are available under Technical documentation under each product. Check out our product pages.

My wood stove is rusty – what do I do? (Does not apply to enamelled products)

Rust on cast iron is usually only on the surface. The painted surfaces are polished with steel wool or a brush with a steel bristle and re-painted with Jøtul's wood stove paint that can be aquired from the Jøtul dealer.

How do I change the baffle plate on an old Jøtul F 602?

Remove the cooking plate on the top of the wood stove, loosen the baffle plate underneath and bring it down and out the sood stove door.

Is it possible to get a new handle for the old Jøtul F 220 model?

No, this cannot be done. You would have to replace the entire door.

Find out how close to a wooden wall the wood stove can be placed and how much heat it produces here:

All necessary information regarding Jøtul's products is available in our brochures. Please contact your local Jøtul dealer.