Why you should buy a wood stove in 2018

Why you should buy a wood stove in 2018

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Here is why so many are choosing wood burning stoves for ideal heat in 2018.

A comfortable home is a happy home and when the temperature is warm and cosy during the winter, a well-heated home is truly essential for complete comfort. Standard heating options, however, do not always provide adequate heat. Wood burning stoves are the optimal way to heat any home and for 2018, they are among the most sought-after appliances for the year. Here is why so many are choosing wood burning stoves for ideal heat in 2018. 


One of the first draws to a wood burning stove essentially comes down to pure economics. Rising energy costs have driven homeowners to seek more cost-effective ways to heat their homes. Wood burning stoves have been used in homes for hundreds of years and are among the best value forms of heat. Apart from the initial cost of purchase and having the unit inspected annually, there are very little costs to run the unit. Depending on your home’s location, some choose to cut and season their own wood for virtually free heat throughout the winter. Even homeowners that do purchase their wood find costs are significantly lower than standard energy costs from a traditional central heating system. 


Every person on the planet should always do their part to make the earth a better place and part of that is utilising as many renewable resources as possible. Wood is one of the top renewable resources and used throughout the world. The demand for wood is at an all-time high and wood companies are continually replanting trees they cut down. This means that there is a continual supply of inexpensive wood to go around, so while you are heating your home, you are helping the environment.

Environmentally Friendly 

Apart from being a renewable resource, wood burning is actually very environmentally friendly. Some naysayers will argue that wood burning is harmful, but in reality, research shows that the act of burning a tree puts off just as much carbon dioxide as allowing the tree to decay naturally, so there is truly nothing lost by burning. Wood burning stoves are a friend to the environment and to the homeowner. 

Beautiful Pieces

There was a time when stoves were merely black square boxes placed in the middle of the home for pure functionality, but nowadays award winning interior designers and architects work alongside manufacturers to create stoves that are pieces of ‘Heating Furniture’. Beautiful pieces in an array of colours, styles and finishes to fit with any décor. Beauty and functionality all in one unique package.


When investing your hard-earned money into heating equipment for the home, you want to know that your money is being spent wisely. Standard central heating systems come with strict warranties and many units do not last far beyond those parameters. Wood burning stoves however, last far longer than any other form of heating on the market today. They are also extremely versatile and can come in many shapes and sizes as well as contemporary styled which can fit in a wide variety of different places in your home.

Wood stoves are comprised of high strength and always durable steel or cast iron. Wood stove are comprised of just a few parts so can last for many years. Many homes with wood burning stoves maintain the unit throughout the life of the home, keeping many generations of homeowners warm. This is not something that can easily be said of all heating units and is so unique about wood stoves.

High-Quality Radiant Heat

An investment in a wood burning stove is an investment in your family’s future comfort. Heating with this style of heat provides radiant heat which is very different than regular heat blown through a central heating system or radiators. Radiant heat permeates from the unit offering warm heat throughout the home. With a standard heating system, heat potential diminishes as it is blown from the unit. It is not possible to gain the same cosy feel felt from a wood burning stove than with any form of heat. These units are not simply designed to heat just one room, but when placed centrally in the home, have the potential to completely warm the entire house as well.

Homes come in an array of shapes and sizes, but the fact remains that during the deep cold of winter, proper heating is essential. Even though the heat of summer is on, there is no better time to consider installing a wood burning stove for your home today. The initial costs are a small price to pay for a heating unit that will last for many years to come providing warm radiant heat to those you love. Make 2018 your warmest year by purchasing a wood burning stove. If you are unsure about what to purchase, have a professional installer come to your home to assess your needs. They can advise on which unit is ideal for your style of home.

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