5 Advantages of Gas Stoves

5 Advantages of Gas Stoves

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Here are just 5 of the advantages of gas stoves over electric heating.

Heating is the most important attribute of any home and if you mainly rely on electric heating within your home, you may be surprised to discover you are spending more than you need too. Gas stoves are far superior to that of electric and if you have been reluctant to utilise gas you may reconsider once we reveal its benefits. Here are just 5 of the advantages of gas stoves over electric heating.

Optimal Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature within any home during the cold winter months can be a challenge. The disadvantage of traditional electric based heating system is that the heat must travel through a complicated network of pipework in order to reach the vents of the home. Naturally, heat dissipates as it moves through the system and by the time it reaches all the rooms of the home, it can feel cold coming through the vents. This is not the case with gas stoves.

A gas stove on the other hand provides a direct heat that is ideal for heating the home. The stove maintains a simple unit without complicated pipework to provide optimal heat. Radiant heat can be felt directly from the stove and permeates throughout the home for a more efficient heating experience. Other forms of heating simply cannot match the warm, radiant heat provided through a perfectly placed gas stove.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is an essential part of any home, but there is no shame in finding simple solutions for cleaning certain items within a home. An electric unit must be maintained and cleaned with swapping out filters and keeping vents clear of debris and dust. The task can be time consuming and costly depending on which filter is required for the unit. If too much dust invades the system, it essentially, shuts down. Gas stoves work differently.

Cleaning a gas stove is relatively easy. The heat from the gas stove is a natural cleaner in itself and largely keeps the unit remarkably clean. However, you will have to clean and maintain the flue, but unlike electric units, this only need be accomplished once per year on average. Wiping down the interior of the stove at the beginning of the cold season and once again at the very end will keep the fire box clean and free of any harmful dust.

No Power Outage Issues

The power will ultimately go out in any home at least a few times per year and as more natural disasters threaten increases in power cuts to our homes, it’s essential to be prepared - gas stoves provide an ideal answer. Gas stoves work completely independent from electricity supply and therefore no matter how long the power is out, your family can enjoy warm, radiant heat.

Electric stoves may seem more convenient when everything is going great and the power is functioning properly, but in the event of a power outage they are simply of no use. In the event of flooding your electric stove is also prone to more damage than a gas stove due to the many electrical parts which can’t withstand being wet. Some gas stoves have been known to dry out from a flood and function perfectly normal.

Low Maintenance Costs

A gas stove costs roughly the same as an electric model, yet maintenance costs for the electric units variety and in many cases are known to be substantially higher. The reason for the higher maintenance is that the electric stove has more parts to malfunction. Electric units often must have elements replaced and electrical work carried out regularly resulting in major costs for both parts and labour.

Gas stoves have minimal parts and therefore, if the gas and flame are produced to manufacturers recommended levels there is nothing really to worry about. It is recommended that you have your gas stove checked annually to ensure there are no leaks or kinks in the pipes; this will often require a small maintenance fee, but that fee is mild in comparison to the cost of replacing parts and labour on an electric model stove.

The advantages of gas stoves are clear and if these advantages are not enough to convince you, consider the fact that practically every professional kitchen the world over relies on gas stoves. They are convenient, reliable, and always available, so you need not worry about the safety and comfort of your family while using a gas stove. If you have been on the fence about purchasing a gas stove for your family, think on these 5 advantages a gas stove will bring to your home. It is really an easy decision, so for reliable heating and a comfort unmatched by electric units, choose gas.