The Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove

The Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove

Explore why so many people are buying free standing wood burners and the core benefits a log burner brings to your home.

Since prehistoric times, man would ravenously hunt for food whilst evading the torments of the wintry seasons. After a rigorous day, he would seek comfort in one thing and one thing only, a nice warm fire. To this moment, modern citizens still like to relax and embrace their primordial side in a deep slumber next to an enchanting log fire.

A free standing log burner exudes a certain charm and many now have inspiring designs that are ornamental focal points in themselves, but what is regularly overlooked is there unrivalled practicality. Wood burning stoves possess a variety of benefits which can help make them a truly brilliant and economically sound choice for your home.

Wood Burners Use a Renewable Source

A great advantage to the mesmerising fixture is its resounding green credentials. Despite common belief, burning wood is significantly healthier for the environment than other heat producing alternatives such as gas and electricity.

Green match have stated that ‘burning wood produces 0.008kg of CO2 per KWH, compared to gas 0.198kg and 0.517kg for electricity”. With the increasing pressure on consumers to reduce their carbon footprint, a log burner acts as the ideal product to begin your emission reducing endeavours.

Log Burners are an Efficient Source of Energy

Another interesting fact is that an efficient wood burner burns logs in a particular way. A high quality stove maximises efficiency and uses both secondary and tertiary burning. Central heating efficiency is around 32% whilst a contemporary wood burning stove has a rate of 60-70%. This is due to the burner using as much combustible material as possible to keep your humble abode a paradise of warmth and sanctity!  

Stand up Against Energy Providers

A freestanding wood burner is delightfully, and somewhat surprisingly, beneficial to one’s pocket. It is said that you can save up to 50% on energy bills by opting to use a wood burning stove. After all, isn’t it much nicer to be self-sufficient, as opposed to pandering to your energy providers crippling demands? 

You Become More Self-sufficient

In the spirit of appealing to our primal desires, wood stoves hold great energy saving perks; on the whole, stoves can actually be used as a means to heat your own water and consequently, the radiators around the house. With new technologies, a stove is connected to the boiler and with 20% of UK’s emissions due to domestic heating, it truly is both a feasible and logical option.

They can be used in Smokeless Zones

Jøtul stoves have been approved by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) making them suitable for burning wood in smoke controlled zones. Continual investment, and a genuine passion for preserving the environment, has enabled Jøtul to produce products which effectively reduce soot and emissions, making the burning process a pleasurable and healthy experience.

As demonstrated, free standing wood stoves are not just a designer’s best friend but a friend to you and the environment. They lessen your carbon footprint whilst acting as an ally to your monthly budget. Making it clear that introducing a wood burning stove to your home is both a logical and creative way to complete the aesthetic of your home.   

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