How to Maintain a Wood Burning Stove

How to Maintain a Wood Burning Stove

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Maintaining your wood burning stove is easy, here are some tips to help.

So, you have invested in a new wood burning stove. This stove can last for years to come, but like most things in life, will require some maintenance to keep it working properly. Maintaining your wood burning stove is easy, here are some tips to help:

Ensure Proper Installation

DIYers are becoming more common and that is great news, but certain aspects of a home should not be installed by these industrial individuals. Proper installation is the first key to having a well-maintained wood stove. An accredited authorised professional should always be employed to correctly and safely install your new stove.  Not only can they advise on the correct size and capacity of stove needed but also will issue the correct legal paperwork for insurance and safety aspects, ensuring proper ventilation and air quality standards are just a couple of the regulations the professionals adhere too.

Clean Regularly

Your wood burning stove will be an asset to your home, but like all other appliances, it will equally require regular cleaning. General cleaning simply means sweeping and wiping out old ashes between burns. This does not have to be done every time, but depending on how often you use the stove, it should be done at least once per week. It is also recommended that you leave a thin layer of ashes at the base of the unit to help protect the floor of your wood stove.

Deeper cleans are required once or twice a year depending on the use of the stove, ideally at the end of the main heating season or just before it starts. The deep clean can involve a bit of elbow grease and scrubbing. Use steel wool to remove any stuck-on soot or residue and wipe the entire firebox clean with a damp cloth. To remove soot from glass, scrub the interior of the glass with a damp cloth or vinegar for harder build ups. During the deep clean, you may also want to clean the outside of the unit to maintain its beautiful appearance.

Have an Inspection

With something as important as a wood burning stove to your family’s comfort, an inspection is essential. Most people have their log burners inspected annually before they begin using the it for the winter season. A qualified professional will look at all aspects of the unit. They will ensure that all valves, pipes, and gaskets remain intact without evidence of cracking, peeling, or other obstruction.   A close look at your flue is also essential as creosote from the wood can buildup and cause a chimney fire. By using an expert they will have the correct tools on hand to clean the flue for a great start to your burning season. An inspection should never be skipped as this is the best way to ensure your unit is working properly and safely.

Burn Properly

Inspections, cleaning, and proper installation are all essential tools for proper wood burning stove maintenance, but how you burn your wood stock will also help maintain the lifespan of your stove. Take care to only burn recommended sustainable kiln dried wood from suppliers with accreditation, visit organisations like  for more information on a reputable supplier near you and never burn wood such as pine as it creates harmful creosote and fire hazards.

Always build your fire correctly within the firebox to ensure air flow is maintained throughout burning. Never over-fill your firebox of wood as this can stifle the flame and cause damage to your wood stove.

Having a wood burning stove in your home is an excellent way to keep your family warm all winter without increasing your monthly expenses. Maintenance is easy when you follow these simple tips. If you have any questions about maintenance or anything else regarding your wood burning stove, do not hesitate to ask your nearest dealer or drop us a line. There are few parts on a wood burning stove that can malfunction, but should you notice a change to your unit’s heat output, contact your wood stove manufacturer to have the unit thoroughly looked at. Maintenance is key and a properly maintained wood burning stove will last you and your family many years.


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