How to Start a Fire Without Kindling

How to Start a Fire Without Kindling

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Here are some ways to start a fire without traditional kindling.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your general kindling supply is gone. Kindling is the initial fire starter, but is not always available. This means the savvy wood stove owner must adapt. Tactics for starting a fire in your wood burning stove vary, but if you ever find yourself in this situation, starting a fire without kindling is possible. Here are some ways to start a fire without traditional kindling.


Newspaper print is among the more flammable types of paper. It burns fast and hot, but must be used in a particular way. Simply lighting a piece and throwing it in the fire is not going to give you an adequate flame. The key is to create a tight ball of newspaper. First, make a log of newspaper by rolling it. Next wrap it on itself like a snake coiling up. You can also tie knots in the newspaper if that is easier for you. Place the newspaper at the base of your fire and light. The tight ball of print will maintain heat long enough to ignite the logs. Never use magazines. Chemicals from their paper and ink can be hazardous.


Pinecones are useful in the crafting world, but also for wood stove. It is always recommended to stick to natural sources of fire starters and even though pine wood is not a recommended wood resource, pinecones, when used sparingly, are excellent fire starters.


Tree bark is abundantly available and sometimes simply falls off the logs when drying. Never throw this stuff away. The bark is a great way to start a fire and can be used in conjunction with newspaper knots to help accentuate the flame. Wrap newspaper in bark to hold the flame in and concentrate it within the firebox. Keep a supply of bark around for a quick way to start a fire in your wood stove.

A quality wood burning stove is a substantial investment in your family’s comfort and security and if you have been on the fence about this investment, now is the time to take that leap. Get your new wood burning stove installed professionally before the temperature begins to drop. Buying early in the season will also give you ample time to practice starting a fire before it becomes a necessity. Order yours today and enjoy warm comfort all season long without adding to your home’s energy costs.

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