Important safety note

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Product info, F 130 SERIES: F 134, F 135, F 136 and F 137

Here at Jøtul AS, we are focused on ensuring the quality and safety of our products, and this is our highest priority. During the period from 26 May to 30 October, a small number of units were produced without a correctly fitted heat shield. Unfortunately, some of these units have reached the market before they were discovered. All end users who have received the relevant product have been contacted, and all distributors and sales outlets have checked and verified all products prior to delivery. This relates to a few units from the following production series: 30049128, 30049135, 30049160 and 30049161.

Jøtul F 130 stoves that are installed without a heat shield can, under specific circumstances, constitute a fire risk if they are installed against a combustible wall. Fireplaces without a heat shield may not be used until this has been rectified.

Jøtul AS and our distributors will help you with repairs, or will check whether your product is correct. If there is any doubt whether or not a product has been checked, or if it is open to question whether a heat shield has been installed, you can contact Jøtul’s customer service on tel. +47 69 35 90 20 or

If you wish to inspect this quickly yourself, you can perform the following checks:


1. Lift off the top plate and check whether the rear heat shield is installed in the stove,
see fig. 1



2. Shine a light down into the air gap at the rear of the top plate and check whether the rear heat shield is installed in the stove, see fig. 2



Thank you for your patience and co-operation regarding this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Jøtul AS takes this matter extremely seriously, and has tightened up quality procedures to ensure nothing similar can happen again.