Interior Design Tips for that Picturesque Winter Look

Interior Design Tips for that Picturesque Winter Look

It’s almost the the time of year where we all start to rethink our home interiors; preparing our homes to be cosy and comfortable in readiness for the long chilly months ahead.

Well its official winter is upon us and as such we spend more time inside our home.  It’s only natural then that it’s also the time of year we all start to rethink our home interiors; preparing our homes to be cosy and comfortable in readiness for the long chilly months ahead. Let’s begin with the foundation of any decorating scheme, the colour palette. Rich colours are a fantastic way to make a room feel warm and welcoming. User darker tones such as emerald green and burnished red as accent colours against paler tones so the overall look doesn’t appear too heavy. Pastels, like the incredibly popular Millennial Pink combined with more dominant hues will provide a great balance and the perfect backdrop for seasonal updates to furniture and accessories. Here are five more quick tips to help your warm up your home for winter!


Winter is the ideal time to reach for the blankets and comfort yourself with a soft, luxurious and comfortable throw. These flexible covers are available in a range of great textures such as sheepskin, cotton or fur, ready to be planted over sofas, beds or virtually any kind of furniture. Simply find a throw, or selection of, and place them in your favourite spot to snuggle up, or just anywhere crying out for a little extra texture! In addition to throws, always be ready to cascade your sofa, armchair or floor full of warm and inviting pillows!

Wood styles

Using wood as part of our home décor will never go out of style; not only does it look great in traditional and contemporary homes alike, but it also serves as an excellent insulator. Whether it’s solid oak flooring, a reclaimed wood beam,  or perhaps nice solid wooden shutters features next to a large chest of drawers, there is something comforting about the strong and sturdy nature of wood that really appeals to a decorating scheme during winter. Even the most basic of wood furnishings, such as a subtle basked of logs next a purring stove can create volumes of winter comfort!


Candles produce an eloquent and tranquil ambience.  They fill a room full of character and give that enchanting glow which echoes throughout. By masterfully placing candles across your room you can craft a faultless winter scene. With so many styles at your disposal such as votive candles, dipped candles, pillar candles and rolled candles, it’s difficult to go wrong.


Traditional touches

Old-fashioned styles evoke a great deal of nostalgia, no matter where your home is.  A variety of different touches can be made from embroidered pillows to cushioned rocking chairs. Whatever your location, your home can assume an assortment of styles such as Art Deco, Craftsman, Colonial, Mid-Century Modern, these looks are perfect for winter. One great decor tip to make your room feel bigger is using a circle carpet, this represents infinity and alludes to an idea of ‘no boundaries’, this perception of space can be advantageous to any style of design, winter or no winter.

Wood burning stoves

There’s nothing which completes the winter scene better than the warming welcoming arms of a well-fed wood burning stove. Irrespective of your style, wood stoves present colossal amounts of character to any home. Winter, after all, is the time of year we gather around with friends and what could be a better place to do so than next to the welcoming glow of a wood burning stove.

With the SIA estimating that wood stoves could account for 10% of the UK Government’s carbon reduction targets by 2020. The spectacular efficiency of wood burning stoves means they are not only a great investment for winter but for your future too. Be sure to check out our wide range of stoves to create that perfect look for your home this winter.