Internet Policy - Consumers

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Jøtul’s products are sold through a network of highly trained retailers,

able to offer you the very best advice on the most suitable stove for your

individual needs and circumstances, with the option of installation and

appropriate after sales service for your purchase.


In order to ensure that you benefit t from this, we do not recommend

purchasing a Jøtul stove over the Internet where this level of advice and

service may not be available. If you do decide to buy your stove over the

Internet, ensure that you buy from a dealer who can offer expert advice on

the most suitable product for your needs, and who is able to install your

stove and service it when necessary.


In particular, we would suggest that you avoid buying Jøtul stoves over

the Internet, especially from a retailer who is not local to you, and who is,

therefore, unlikely to be able to provide you with the appropriate support.