Traditions for Norwegian craftsmanship at Kråkerøy

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At Kråkerøy in Fredrikstad we produce some of the world's best and most elegant fireplaces. We are proud of our work and have received several different international awards for design and the quality of our craftsmanship.

Since 1853, Jøtul has believed that craftsmanship and traditions are valuable. There is and should be a difference between cast iron wood burning stoves designed and handled by craftsmen at Kråkerøy and mass-produced wood stoves produced in low cost countries. Quality takes time.

Our legacy at Kråkerøy and in the local community around Fredrikstad is important to Jøtul. And Jøtul is important to the local community, both as employer and as a carrier of a traditional industrial culture. Our connection to the local area contributes to developing and handing down craft traditions and engineering skills. At the Kråkerøy facility, we all have a special bond to Jøtul, a relationship that started long before we started our carriers. The Jøtul wood stove was just always there.

The cast iron that we use is recycled iron delivered from local scrap dealers. We also use local designers in the development of new models. Engineers and craftsmen at Jøtul manage expert knowledge and techniques that have been accumulated in the company over a period of time of 160 years. This is the nature of being a cornerstone business.

You find our DNA in the corporate culture, in the buildings and in the surroundings. And in cooperation with each and every employee at the Kråkerøy facility, this contributes to the legacy of the Jøtul wood stove remaining the same – and to proper craftsmanship lasting for generations.