What the latest on the UK's Clean Air Strategy really means

What the latest on the UK's Clean Air Strategy really means

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Some points to give you a quick summary of the UK's latest clean air strategy

Last week the government announced as part of its clean air strategy for the UK, only the cleanest stoves which are ECOdesign ready will be available to the consumer by 2022.  Sadly, much of the media has not reported the outcome or correct summary of what this strategy means and, in some cases, have claimed the government will be banning all wood burning stoves – this is a complete untruth.

Some points to give you a quick summary of what this legislation is doing and what impact it is having to the great benefit of our environment:

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  • In 2022 a new European-wide program to lower emissions and promote the most environmentally friendly stoves is due to come into force. The Clean Air Strategy Act which was just updated, simply details how the UK aims to comply with this new legislation.


  • Wood burning stoves are not banned by the government and are also not the biggest offenders in polluting our environment. There are many contributing factors and sadly wood burning stoves are being unfairly pinpointed.


  • The media likes to sensationalise and pick on just one product and sadly are not good at pointing out the fact that open fires burning incorrectly seasoned fuel is a major contributor to bad practice for the environment, along with older model wood stoves where incorrect fuel is being burned, through to vehicles and industry. The new program aims to address all the contributors of which wood burning stoves are a very small part of the huge problem.
    • Working towards this Clean Air strategy the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) who work hand in hand with key stove manufacturers, introduced two years ago the ECOdesign Ready Scheme. This scheme being in advance of the new legislation was adopted by some key stove manufacturers to produce stoves which met the lower emission limits early and from 2020 would solely manufacture only wood-burning stoves that then continue to meet the low emissions criteria.
  • The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) ECOdesign Ready Scheme ensures that new woodburning stoves meet high environmental standards ahead of that 2022 deadline, minimising emissions for cleaner burning products now as opposed to later.


  • As a consumer the new scheme allows you to easily search out these stoves. Simply visit the SIA or HEATAS websites (link below) to view the stove models list and see straightaway which stoves already fall under the ECOdesign Scheme. You can then be safe in the knowledge your new stove is compliant to the new Act right now and offers the cleanest burn technology for your home straight away. 


  • Burning both the correct type of fuel from an assured supplier is another important consideration to make as fuel type is a major contributor to pollution. There are approved suppliers of the correctly seasoned fuel types and carry specific labels covered by Woodsure’s Ready to Burn Scheme again using this scheme will ensure your fuel being burnt is reducing pollution.


  • The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) is an association of stove manufacturers, distributors, wood fuel suppliers, flue and glass manufacturers and one which the Jøtul Group have actively supported and worked with for many years.


  • The SIA was formed in 2008 to promote and explain the benefits of wood-burning stoves; lobbying government on legislation affecting stoves, promoting the benefits and environmental advantages of the carbon saving benefits of these regulated stoves and educating the end consumers on how to select the right type of clean burning stove.


We all want our products to burn as cleanly and efficiently as possible so that you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are heating your home with one of the eco-friendliest stoves available.

Jøtul Group take environmental responsibilities very seriously which the majority of our stoves already meet the ECOdesign Ready standard and we have actively supported the governments strategy.

To find out more information and see a list of all approved manufacturers appliances visit

Further information on the fuel suppliers approved by the Ready to Burn Scheme visit :

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